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Los Angeles Cleaning Challenges - Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids

Outdoor Cleaning Services by Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids

The city of Los Angeles is home to a wide range of diverse neighborhoods and micro-climates, each complete with their own cleaning challenges. Canyons, urban sprawl, highway traffic, and large empty spaces create different concerns for different residential spaces, all contained in Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids service area.


Seasonal fires carry ash for miles, indiscriminately blanketing homes and their adjacent outdoor spaces. Dust can blow around for weeks afterwards, and rain may soak this ash and soot into fabrics especially, permanently staining them.

We have an entire separate blog post about Fire Ash Cleanup, including some important safety tips.

The best protection for your outdoor furniture from fire is first and foremost to store your cushions indoors during fires, including umbrellas. If you are unable to store your outdoor furniture in a protected area, then covering it is your next best option. For a detailed write-up on protecting and maintaining your outdoor patio furniture check out our last blog, and look for the links to our favorite covers.


Wind patterns carry traffic soot, which lands in different amounts in different neighborhoods, or even within the same neighborhood. Landing on cushions, hardscape, play structures and the house itself, it can be hard to keep up with all the cleaning involved in keeping your outdoor spaces sparkling. Areas high above the 5 freeway in Los Feliz will get dirty from haze that hangs nearby, while homes in Pacific Palisades deal with salt and sand in the atmosphere, not to mention emissions from planes at LAX and Santa Monica Airport. Canyons can funnel winds to deposit particulate matter on homes in their path.

You can check the air quality of your neighborhood by going to the EPA's AirNow website and entering your zip code.


Plants can act as a filter for all the other pollutants we see in Los Angeles, but sometimes plants create a mess themselves. Dripping sap is one of the main culprits, as well as black grime created by aphids that are left uncontrolled. Some plants are host to more insects, including spiders--if your gardener isn't removing cobwebs, ask us to do it!

Other times the soot and grime gathered on the leaves of your landscaping are themselves the problem. Lightly washing the leaves is a good way to clean deposits off them, keeping them healthy and green.


Heavy cooking in grilling areas can leave greasy grime on walls, eaves, and the grill itself--we use all eco products to remove it. Runoff in hilly areas, or in terraced garden beds, can stain retaining walls.

Rust on concrete from a carelessly placed paint can or steel furniture can mar the appearance of an otherwise beautiful patio. White mineral stains from our famously hard water on windows and hardscape can spoil your view--you guessed it, we have natural products that help eliminate all these problems!

Service Area

Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids services LA's Westside and the greater Los Angeles area including Venice, Pacific Palisades, West LA, Cheviot Hills, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Westchester, Playa Vista and many more. Check out our service map below, and if you have any questions contact us today!

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