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How Proper Grill Cleaning Can Make You The Life Of The Party

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Grill Cleaning 101

It's the beginning of grilling season here in Los Angeles, and Sparkleyard wants your backyard cookouts to RULE! Nothing can ruin your cookout more than a broken (or dirty!) grill.

Dirty grill needs cleaning
Proper maintenance and grill cleaning can make your grill last a lot longer

Follow these easy grill cleaning tips from grilling expert Elizabeth Karmel of Girls at the Grill to avoid dirt and grime invading your BBQ, and to keep your burgers and steaks tasting their best..

Pre and Post Grilling:

- Before your event, make sure you have all the charcoal or propane you will need--an extra bag or tank will save you heartache!

- Preheat your grill 20-45 minutes before use, with the lid closed.

- After removing food from the cooking grate, keep the flame going and additional 10 minutes to burn off excess bits.

- Use a brass bristled brush, a scraper or crumpled aluminum foil to loosen and clean residue

- Remove accumulated ashes from charcoal grills frequently

Grill Maintenance

- Clean once a year with warm soapy water and a stainless steel scrubbing pad.

- For heavy-duty cleaning we prefer Carbona Grill and Oven Rack Cleaner

- Use care while working inside the grill, there are small parts in there!

- Clean burners thoroughly with a toothbrush, clogged burners can lead to uneven cooking.

- At Sparkleyard, we like to scrape off accumulated dirty bits and then use a vacuum to remove all that gunk.

- Finish your cleaning by coating the grate with vegetable oil to lock in freshness and prevent rust and sticking.

A clean stainless steel grill shining against a ceramic tile back splash in an outdoor patio
We clean grill interiors as well as exteriors

Need help preparing your grill for the season? Contact us today

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