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Got Master gardening questions? Get Master Gardener answers!

What is a Master Gardener, and what makes one such a unique resource? We’re glad you asked!

Master Gardeners complete a Master Gardener program through colleges and universities throughout the United States. These programs provide intensive home horticulture training to local garden enthusiasts, teaching them area-specific gardening techniques that are then taught throughout the local communities. Master Gardeners volunteer their time and knowledge by giving lectures, creating gardens, conducting research, and starting horticulture projects within their local communities.

Peppers growing from a gardening.

By training Master Gardener volunteers, neighborhoods are empowered to create their own gardening solutions and foster healthier gardens, communities and a sustainable environment.

The UC Master Gardeners program is a public service offered through the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Got a gardening question you need answered? Curious about the newest news in horticulture?

Check out your local Master Gardeners Horticulture Hotline. Over a dozen trained certified UCCE Master Gardener volunteers spend up to a day researching your gardening question before they supply you with a very detailed and thorough answer.

Of course, we Angelinos have some great Master Gardener resources in our own backyard as well. Go to LA County’s Master Gardener Program here for links to classes, workshops, and community gardens. You can also check out the Los Angeles Community Garden Council’s calendar of events here.

Master your gardening and having beautiful flowers.

Ready to have your mind blown and your questions answered by some local Masters who really know their Horticulture?

Send your questions to the Master Gardeners of Southern California in one of the following ways:

For Los Angeles County residents:

Email with a description of your concern or question. Attaching photos will help the Master Gardener diagnose the problem.

Alternatively, you can phone in your concern or question by leaving a detailed message at (626) 586-1988.

For Orange County Residents:

Fill out the form directly at the Master Gardeners of Orange County website by clicking here.

If you have pictures to share, send your horticulture questions to, and attach any photos you have to help illustrate your question.

Interested in learning more about Master Gardeners or upcoming events?

Find a UC Master Gardener Program near you using the interactive county map, or visit the following links:

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