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How Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids Provides Value to Los Angeles Home Owners

Updated: 2 days ago

Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids is your outdoor cleaning service in the Los Angeles area. From Pacific Palisades down the PCH to Manhattan Beach, and inland all the way to Pasadena you will find our team to be efficient, effective, and environmentally responsible. Our white glove detailing helps our clients fulfill our motto: relax, enjoy your yard!

Los Angeles area professional patio cleaning for a relaxing atmosphere. Book our exterior cleaning services today!

Sparkleyard gets asked all the time, "How do you provide value? What do you do?"

Let's break down all the ways Sparkleyard provides value to our customers:

1. It's in our slogan, "Relax, enjoy your yard!"

We create value first and foremost by giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with a clean outdoor living space for themselves, their friends, and their families to enjoy. That means no dust, dirt, cobwebs, or animal droppings, among other things. Our clients expect furniture cushions properly cleaned, wiped, and arranged; umbrellas and awnings well maintained; and windowsills and doorways free of dust and grime, even under the welcome mat!

Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids gives our clients and customers the time to actually relax and enjoy their outdoor living spaces.

2. Sparkleyard protects your stuff

Many of the cleaning services we offer serve a maintenance function. Preventing leaves and dirt from building up inside gutters can save thousands on repairs and replacement, and even more if roof damage occurs. Likewise, keeping leaves and grime from building up on decks can prevent early rot or other damage.

Transform your exterior with our patio cleaning services! Call Sparkleyard today!

Periodic wiping of metal with biodegradable cleaning solutions can help prevent oxidization and hard water residues that build up over time. We apply this aerospace protectant to plastic furniture, wicker, spa covers and other vinyl surfaces, making them last longer and maintaining their original color.

Proper interior grill cleaning can make you the life of the party, and keep your food from getting nasty black stuff on it, too!

Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids keeps our clients' stuff not only looking great, but in some cases we make it better than before.

3. Spiders

If you are arachnophobic then Sparkleyard is the company for you (but don't work for us, please!) We humanely remove billions of spiderwebs and cobwebs per year from Los Angeles area homes and businesses. Make your residence one of the many spider-free enclaves we help create. Oh and by the way, black and brown widows like to nest under your furniture, so regular brushing away of their webs and egg sacs keep their numbers down. And we will kill them when we see them!

Sparkleyard cleaning service removes cobwebs from your home's exterior! Keeping people and pets safe from spiders, call us today!

The result is an increase in the curb appeal (even in the backyard!) of your home. Along with gardening, having a clean and inviting patio space is one great way to increase the value of your home.

Sparkleyard Outdoor Maids removes cobwebs from buildings, plants and furniture, making them sparkle and keeping you safe!

Interested in learning more about Sparkleyard and our outdoor cleaning services?

Head on over to our Services page to learn about all the services we offer, and where, or contact us today!

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